Re: ASL to XLX in DSTAR mode ? MMDVM_Bridge transmitting DMR-ID instead of callsign

Steve N4IRS

Check the logs for Analog_bridge and MMDVM_bridge and make sure they are pointing at a user or subscriber file and that they are resolving a DMRID to a callsign.

On 1/16/19 6:29 AM, Santu OTTAVI (TK1BI) wrote:
Hi all,

Does anybody use the following setup :

Asterisk Hub <-> chan_USRP <-> Analog_Bridge <-> MMDVM_Bridge <-> ircddbgatewayd <-> XLX
And does anybody have any idea about MMDVM_Bridge transmitting a DMR-ID instead of a callsign in D-Star mode (more details in my previous message) ?

Thank you in advance. 73 de TK1BI

Le 15/01/2019 à 10:56, Santu OTTAVI (TK1BI) a écrit :
Problem :
It seems MMDVM_Bridge is sending a D-Star connection frame with a DMR-ID instead of a D-Star callsign, which makes XLX ignore it.

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