Re: ASL to XLX in DSTAR mode ? MMDVM_Bridge transmitting DMR-ID instead of callsign


Le 16/01/2019 à 13:18, Steve KC1AWV a écrit :
Like Steve N4IRS says, make sure that the subscriberFile in Analog_Bridge.ini points to a valid DMR ID file. Here's what I use:

Here was my mistake : MMDVM_Bridge was pointing to a valid dmd-id file, but Analog_Bridge was not. Doing so, the right callsign is now displayed in the outgoing D-Star frames.

Anyway, XLX still seems to ignore those frames. It just displays :
Jan 16 20:48:52 xlx xlxd: DCS packet (100) from
while it should display something like that :
Jan 16 20:40:20 xlx xlxd: Opening stream on module K for client TK1BI   B with sid 41964 
I'll have to investigate on the ircddbgateway and XLX side...

73 de TK1BI

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