Re: DVSwitch-System-Builder

Steve N4IRS

DVSwitch-System-Builder is a work in progress. One of the things I discovered last week is that Armbian does not install "recomended packages" which system builder relies on. Debian and Raspbian do. I will be changing that.
What OS distribution are you running?
I will be fixing the database download scripts this week.

What did you change in MMDVMHost to fix the YSF problem?

73, Steve N4IRS

On 1/22/2019 3:55 AM, erniepratt@... wrote:
I have used DVSwitch-System-Builder on various machines and found that it does not install all the required files.
Nothing installed from P25Gateway onwards.

DMRIds.dat file corrupt. This shows up differently on a couple of my systems.
MMDVM_Bridge would die on some IDs going through.
The other slow computer could not handle Ids at all.
Fixed the problem by copying my DMRIds.Dat file from MMDVMHost and placing it in MMDVM_Bridge.

Every thing now works as it should. I am able to convert to to any format I want.
I have only one problem. I can pick up the feed from my Wires-x system send it to Ysf Reflector and convert it to P25.
All works fine going back the other way up to the the YSF Reflector. The feed will go out to every other link apart from going 
back into Wires-x.
I had this problem with MMDVMHost but fixed it by changing a file before I ran make.
Is there a Fix?

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