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Lito - WI6Y

Hi Cort, 

more like scenario # 2.

73, Lito WI6Y

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It depends entirely on how many repeaters and how many uplinks… how many TGIDs will have slot and TGID transcoded, etc.

Give me an idea of what you’re trying to achieve…. A few repeaters with no uplink would run on one core of a raspberry pi without breaking a sweat…. 50 repeaters with 15 transcoded TGIDs would be a very different story.

On Jan 23, 2019, at 1:33 PM, Roselito de los Reyes <Tolitski@...> wrote:

In your experience what would be the minimum specs for HBlink to be happy?

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HBlink will act as a server for MMDVM based repeaters and hotspots. 

On 1/23/2019 2:27 PM, Roselito de los Reyes wrote:
I tried applying for a master server for our group. It seems like the procedure is like Evel Knievel doing jumping jacks while doing his motorcycle jumps. Is there a way I can use the DVSwitch applications to run my own server where all the repeaters dedicated to a specific talkgroup/reflector can connect to? 


Lito WI6Y

Cort Buffington

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