Re: Beta testing of DummyRepeater for ASL


Just  finished my testing  with the Powered USB HUB.


Here is my setup   ALL Software running on a single Rpi3…




AST -  Analog_Bridge – HB_Bridge – hb_confbridge – hbparrot

                        |                                                        |

                ThumbDV                                           BMServer 3021.


Confbridge has 3 rules


TG9991TS2 to Parrot

TG3027TS1 to BM .


ONLY ThumbDV  plugged in powered hub .

MMDVM Arduino Due plugged  directly on  RPi3 USB port

Errors in  ThumbDV test (  if mmdvm is plugged in powered  USB Hub …


All  functionnal  .  Max CPU  use I have seen is   25 %


Richard VE2DJE





Provenance : Courrier pour Windows 10


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