Re: P25 Reflector

Oren K5LPD <ohaydel@...>

Has anyone made a walk-through on configuring and setting up a P25 Reflector?  I thought I had a better handle on this, but it is kicking my butt.  I have cloned the P25Clients repository, and can look at the P25Gateway.ini file but I really have no clue on what to setup and how.  When I try to run ./P25Gateway it says it cannot read the .ini file.  Can anyone help with a copy of their config files?  Also how to run the programs.  For a standalone P25 Reflector, am I only needing P25Reflector and P25Gateway?  I obtained another DMR repeater ID as I was told I needed one.  Any help would be appreciated.  I have read the documentation for DVSwitch, but it appears to start above my experience level.

Oren K5LPD  

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