Re: Deployment Question for the group

David Uzzell

On 30 Jan 2019, at 10:56 am, Mike AE4ML <mike.lussier@...> wrote:

I have a site at a local hospital. I have recently obtained a wired internet connection for the Quantar and RMS Gateway on their guest network. Because of hipa and other issues I found that I can pass traffic out to the talkgroups but nothing is making it back to me.
Q1. Has anyone run into this before and what was the solution ?
Q2. has anyone attempted to run a VPN tunnel on the pi that is handling QB, MMDVM & P25gateway ? 
I don't even know if I can establish a VPN over this network. I decided its worth a try.

I have a Satellite 2 way link that is on a nat’ed private range ip’s so I can’t route traffic in. I have a cloud machine on for $5/m that is my VPN server running OpenVPN using iptables to route the needed ports over the VPN and have no problems at all with IRLP, about to build ASL and do the same thing, at least there are less ports to forward. 



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