Re: P25 Reflector

Steve N4IRS

When you installed the P25Reflector with apt-get install, you got the systemd unit for starting, stopping and starting the reflector at boot. here are the commands:

systemctl status p25reflector    is the service running.
systemctl stop p25reflector      stop the service running.
systemctl start p25reflector    start the service running.

systemctl status p25reflector    enable the service to run at boot.
systemctl status p25reflector    disable the service at boot

The service should be installed and starting at boot.

The reflector uses the log entry in /opt/P25Reflector/P25Reflector.ini to control where the log file is placed. Should be /var/log/mmdvm

Hope this helps.

73, Steve N4IRS

On 1/29/19 8:46 PM, Oren K5LPD wrote:

One additional question...  I suppose I can create a startup script to where the Reflector starts automatically if the computer reboots right?  Also, once the reflector is started, can I close the terminal window? It looks like the logs run on the screen and I was not sure how to keep the reflector running.  Also, how to safely shut down the reflector if needed?

Oren K5LPD

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