Re: ircddbgateway install command line only


Yet one more piece of software to install.
It is found on github as well.

On 2/3/2019 1:15 PM, Skyler Fennell wrote:
I am currently in the process of ASL <--> DSTAR.
I've been pulling my hair out this weekend attempting to install
ircDDBGateway as part of the bridge. I have no GUI available on my server,
and don't want to run the extra resources to put a desktop environment on
I have grabbed the source code from the following github link:
I then used these instructions to compile:
Including the configure without using GUI followed by make and make
./configure --without-gui
make install
After this, I have performed a deep search on the system attempting to find
the config files and what to run, however, I am unable to find anything
except programs complaining that I need to have a display.
root@stn3764:/# /usr/local/bin/ircddbgatewayconfig
11:13:09: Error: Unable to initialize GTK+, is DISPLAY set properly?
I have searched the whole system for any plain text file with the keywords
ircddbgateway that looks like a config file, but have not found anything.
Does anybody here have any suggestions on running ircddbgateway on a server
with NO GUI?
Thank You
Skyler KG0SKY

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