Re: ircddbgateway install command line only

Steve N4IRS

For decent D-Star audio you must have the Hardware Vocoder. Period.!

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Sent: Monday, February 4, 2019 10:01:13 AM
Subject: Re: [DVSwitch] ircddbgateway install command line only
Thank you everyone. I got it working with ircddbgatewayd compiled from the better source you provided.

My main issue was not having an example conf file, weird they don’t ship the package with one.

Thanks to the group for sending that conf file. 

P.s. DSTAR Audio seems to be YUCK using analog_bridge op25 on the Analog—> digital. Very bassy and cuts out on low level, are there any adjustments or EQ? Maybe there is some usrp EQ program.  I probably need to get a USB dv dongle, but I really wish everything could run at the same vm server...


On Mon, Feb 4, 2019 at 7:32 AM TG9AOR <qrz@...> wrote:
Hello. If you compiled from DL5DI's repository it is then possible to run without GUI by running the command ./ircddbgatewayd

You will need to configure it beforehand, this is done by running ./ircddbgw_config or ./ircddbgw_cfg (if my memory serves me right) this allows for you to configure it via the terminal.

Hope this helps. 73
José Roberto Ruíz García Salas

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