Hamcation (Orlando Hamfest)

Steve N4IRS

Starting tomorrow afternoon and running through Saturday afternoon, I will be pretty much AFK (Away From the Keyboard) I will be in Orlando at Hamcation. Kurt K4SRN, Scott N3XCC and I will be manning outside space in the flea market. Kurt and I have done hamfeasts together in the SE for over 20 years. Scott is from Repeater Builder. He will have a quantity of STM32-DVM MMDVM boards. Stop by and say hi if you are at the hamfest. Scott and I will be available to talk MMDVM Kurt is a subject matter expert in a number of areas. I will have my super duper Network Radio running cutting edge DVSwitch Mobile. Thanks to Scott, we even have a map.


Stop by, shoot the breeze and BUY OUR STUFF! ;)

73, Steve N4IRS

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