dvswitch.ini multiple instances


I need some help I've been experiences audio disappearing whenever I try setting up multiple instances of MMDVM. It works fine when using one instance but when I add a second or more that's when the issue appears. I've been duplicating the MMDVM_Bridge folder and calling it MMDVM_Bridge_TGXXXX. In the duplicated folder I make the program and ini also represent the name changed.

However the DVSwitch.ini remains the same.

after seeing this in the comments

; MMDVM_Bridge export / import configuration file.
;   This file should be placed along side of MMDVM_Bridge or it can be
;   supplied as a path on the MMDVM_BRIDGE environment variable.

I'm thinking i need to make my DVSwitch.ini unique on the other instaces as well but i don't know how to do it for the environment variable?

would it be added in the mmdvm_bridge_TGXXXX service file somewhere?

any suggestions?

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