Re: MMDVM_Bridge timeout to DMRGateway

Steve KC1AWV

I used DMRGateway only as a way to connect MMDVM_Bridge to an XLX reflector, and be able to choose which module is used on startup. If you are linking to Brandmeister, this is not needed.

Steve KC1AWV

On Fri, Feb 8, 2019 at 8:20 AM K4VL <73dek4vl@...> wrote:

Please explain more. What services were causing this issue. I am having the same problem. I also don't see any mention of DMRGateway in the ASL to DMR Bridge how to. Is this something I need to install? When

I am connected I can key my radio and see activity when running MMDVM_Bridge in the foreground but nothing on Analog_Bridge or CLI.

Steve Miller

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