Re: MMDVM_Bridge : connect with suffix other than -B ?


Yes, it seems MMDVMHost does the same thing : I didn't find how to change the suffix in the config file. I assume the suffix is automatically appended according to the frequency band.

So, this is not related to MMDVM_Bridge.

73 de TK1BI

Le 27/01/2019 à 16:29, Steve N4IRS a écrit :

Does MMDVMHost do the same thing?
Is there anything in DMRGateway log?


On 1/27/19 10:00 AM, Santu OTTAVI (TK1BI) wrote:

I'm using MMDVM_Bridge to connect to my XLX server through DMRGateway. On the XLX dashboard, it appears as "TK5KP-B". I'd like to change the "-B" suffix to "-G". Is it possible to do that ?

Thank you in advance. 73 de TK1BI

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