Software based user digital radio?

Skyler Fennell

Has anybody explored the concept of using analog_bridge and mmdvm_host as a user radio (like hook a GM300 to a pi with a sound card and microphone and stm32dvm) 

I know DMR would be hard because of the TDMA but for fusion and P25, it probably can’t be too bad. (Dstar would still need a hardware vocoder unfortunately)

So could a “simplex node” actually be used as a user radio to talk to repeaters with, and then just hook up a microphone and push button for PTT to a private AllStar node on the other side? 

Sort of where I think the future of HT’s is going to be at where where you download a software package for each mode you want to use. 

It would be reallly nice to have a radio that just does all of the modes...

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