Multiple MMDVM _Bridge instances with brandmeister?

Skyler Fennell

I am attempting to run TWO instances of MMDVM bridge. I made separate folders for each, and now am trying to run them both from command line.

ONE is for DMR  310847 -->> ANALOG AllStar

The OTHER is for YSF --> DMR 310847.

Both YSF and Analog need to talk to the same DMR Brandmeister talkgroup. I am using separate ID callsigns for the YSF bridge and the Analog_Bridge

They both work perfectly standalone, but, when I try to run both, I get registration errors on Brandmeister:

W: 2019-02-23 21:28:40.566 DMR, Login to the master has failed, retrying login ...

Is it possible to have TWO nodes connected to a brandmeister talkgroup from the same server?


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