Unlinking from Reflector and not re-establishing link

Mike AE4ML

I'm not sure who else is having this problem and I'm entertaining better ways to do this. 
I have several remote sites where my Quantar repeaters aren't easily accessible.
I found out that if the internet burps or the reflector goes down and comes back up on the far end.
The  repeater looses its connectivity with the reflector and doesn't re-establish a
connection to the reflector.

I replicated the scenario here at home and started digging into it. Steve stated that the issue
is in the code for the p25gateway.  I found that a systemctl restart p25gateway resolved the problem.
How to run a watchdog to monitor this and re-establish the reflector connection.

I'm not sure how many other folks have run across this issue. I'm  hoping it more than just me. and maybe there is a better way to handle this .

I wrote a short script.
I run this script in the background.
#./watch-link 1>errors 2>info &

#  Author Michael Lussier AE4ML
# 01 March 2019
# Description;  Reset P25Gateway in the event of a loss of connectivity with the reflector
if tail -F /var/log/mmdvm/P25Gateway-"$(date -d "0 day" "+%Y-%m-%d")".log | grep "unlinking"; then
   systemctl restart p25gateway.ini
   sleep 60

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