Re: Beta testing of DummyRepeater for ASL

Mike Zingman - N4IRR

Coming to a screen near you

I have done some work on Analog_Bridge and DummyRepeater (AB and DR) that allow the passing of limited metadata between the two networks.  
On the AB side DMR IDs are looked up in the subscriberids.csv.  The call sign is then transferred over to DR along with the talk group and slot.  This information is placed in the DStar message field for the transmission so you can see the source call/tg and slot on your dstar radio.
On the DR side, the call is passed over the bridge to AB where it is looked up in the subscriber_ids.csv file.  If found, it is used as the source ID of the transmission for the DMR network.  If the call is not found (no cc7 id) then the gateway call is used instead.

I will make the changes available in the next day or so.


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