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On Wed, Mar 6, 2019, 12:10 PM <nick@...> wrote:
I've been reading the last few hours and I haven't quite come across what I'm looking for. I have even looked at some of the examples listed but something just isn't clicking on my side. 

Here is what I'm setting up...
YSFReflector(54037) <> DMR BMTG 311752

Assuming this is how it will be accomplished (correct me if I'm wrong)
YSFReflector <> MMDVM_Bridge <> Brandmeister Server 3102

I already have a YSFReflector up and running and working well. I've installed MMDVM_Bridge on a separate VM than the YSFReflector.

In MMDVM_Bridge, I have edited the DVSwitch.ini to loop the ports between YSF and DMR. I believe that's all I need to do in the this file?

I'm currently working in the MMDVM_Bridge.ini file but not sure on a few items. 
I have my callisign and ID set to my personal on line 1 and 2

DMR Enable=1
System Fusion Enable=1

Under [DMR Network] do I change the "Address=" to the BM3102 address? and what else do I need to do to connect it with TG 311752?

Under [System Fusion Network]
The only thing I have changed so far is the "GatewayAddress" to the IP address of my YSFReflector and "GatewayPort"

Is this correct and all I need to do to make the bridge?  

I feel like I'm really close just need some help on the final details. 

Nick - KB9YVN

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