Re: DVSwitch Mobile goes full release 1.50 (105)

Peter M0NWI

Well done Steve and Mike!!

Do you get this from the Play store?

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Sent: 09 March 2019 14:47:30
Subject: [DVSwitch] DVSwitch Mobile goes full release 1.50 (105)
After 4 months of living and sleeping Android, we have released the production version of DVSwitch Mobile. This is not beta test, this is the ready to run version. 
This version includes the ability to save configuration settings and macros. We have priced the fully functional version at $1.99 US. We think this is a fair price for ability to connect to ASL and Digital Voice networks from a mobile device. 
Let the fun continue!
If you are interested in learning more about the app, join us at <>
For DVSwitch,

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