Re: Which base image to use with DV Switch: Allstar or HamVoIP

JJ Cummings

I’d go with vanilla raspbian, it’s what I use without any issues.

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On Mar 10, 2019, at 10:42, David Ranch <dvswitch-groupsio@...> wrote:

Hello Everyone,

Along with my previous post about a week ago, I'm about to start setting up an Analog to DMR bridge with DV-Switch and an Allstar system but the question is via which image:

   Official Allstar or HamVoIP

I have one knowledgeable Asterisk HAM saying HamVoIP's newest image is significantly updated compared to the Asterisk image, etc.  That group is deprecating their support for the BeagleBoneBlack and are recommending to go with the Raspberry Pi SBC.  That's ok in my book but are there any known issues with running the posted DVSwitch binaries on that Arch Linux based system?  I can rebuild any/all required programs if required though it sure would be easier if the DVSwitch team have their own Arch-based repo for getting updates, etc.


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