Steve KC1AWV

Yeah, this goes back on the "just because you can, does it mean you should?" territory. Though if I'm not mistaken, if the REF reflector doesn't have a callsign registered, shouldn't it ignore it regardless on if it comes across an XLX reflector or not?

I'm going to edit this message to clarify the statement I made. If you have access to an REF reflector already, then use the REF reflector. Don't add in another network to an existing established network, especially those that have high rates of bureaucracy, and especially if that sort of activity may be frowned upon.

XLX is intended as a multiprotocol DStar reflector, which does have facilities to transcode other AMBE protocols into it. This means, that other protocol users (i.e. DMR, YSF, P25, NXDN) can participate in QSOs with DStar users, on that Network.

If the intention is for mixing other protocols into an existing Network (in this case, DStar / REF) then you may want to get clearance from those that run that particular Network first. This may or may not be acceptable and you should ask before doing.

Just my two cents.

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