Re: Do we need more subgroups. #poll


Hi Steve,
I too missed the post about the poll.  I typically do not use the web portal and maybe that is why.  In any event, groups for each "mode" would be helpful.  For instance, most of the traffic on DVSwitch is AllStar bridging & transcoding based which presently is of no interest to me.  Maybe some day... and I will know where to find the information.

On the other hand... IPSC_Bridge and HB_Bridge and it's associated applications are critical to keeping my repeaters connected to c-Bridges.

BTW, is there presently any work going on to incorporate hblink3 into HB_Bridge?  I have helped build a few bridges to c-Bridges around the country and the c-Bridge ops would like to have some controls on loading the connection.  This is supported in hblink3 but not easily in HB_Bridge.


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