Re: YSFReflector <> DMR #dmrlink

Ethan - KE7DUX

Hello Nick,

You may have seen my topic, which was posted a day before yours. I am doing the same thing, and was at the same point you were. I could not get DMR Callsigns to show up on YSF Radios. I posted about this but did not get any feedback on things to try. Did you ever get it working?

I ended up ditching this setup altogether and am just running DMR2YSF and it's been working perfectly so far (about a week). 

Here was my last post, I am curious if this is the same behavior you see:

On my Pi-Star (Connected to YSF Gateway) DMR users come across properly in the pistar dashboard, however nothing shows up on my FT2D

On my DV4mini (Connected to YSF Gateway) DMR users come across as "******", and nothing shows on my FT2D.

On a friend's Openspot2 (Connected to YSF Gateway), it shows N4IRR (Mike)'s info (for all DMR users), but nothing on his FT2D.

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