Re: Do we need more subgroups. #poll

Pierre Martel

I did not read the whole tread but I have been reading a lot of the group question.

Can I suggest something like 
A group for planification and general use of the software Like what is needed to do such or such bridge or other good parctice.
Then a group for bridging and transcoding problem ( bad port what ini files and where. stuff like that)

Then a group for each specific software.

Just my 2 cents. 


Le mer. 13 mars 2019 à 16:17, Steve KC1AWV <smiller@...> a écrit :
I'm kind of leaning towards Mike N4IRR's idea. Though, maybe the groups could be broken up to which programs are needed for the mode/network you're bridging. ASL to BM is easier than say ASL to XLX as it only needs AB and MB, but XLX needs DG for DMR as well. Or BM to DStar, you'd need two MBs and ircDDBGW to go to a REF. There's more than one way to skin a cat here. Maybe start with groups for the input system?

ASL <-> DStar REF
ASL <-> BM

USRP <-> DStar


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