hb_confbridge_rules.py wildcard TGID ....


I wonder if here is any way to  program a wildcard or passAll  in hb_confbridge_rules.py


I have my setup  3 rules ,


First branch  sends TG9TS2 to HB_Bridge   Analog_Bridge   AST

Second branch sends TG9991TS2  to HB_parrot

Third sends TG3027TS1 to BM Server .


I would like  to know if there is  a way to  send “all” TG on TS1 to BM server.


Something like a Wild card  ‘TGID’ : *,    instead of listing all possible  TGID ?????


That would need to  set an  ORDER  in   the hb_confbridge_rules.py files

So that  the wild card  is the last  entry ..... ( Catch All type )


If not in that version , can it be evaluated as a add on to a next version ..




Richard VE2DJE

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