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I’ve been thinking about how to effectively do this for some time. It’s not as easy as you might think given the way the rules and confbridge work. Each line controls both ingress and egress behavior for a particular conference bridge. Right now I’ve been leaning on a few specially named conference bridges that have their own pre-defined behavior.

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I wonder if here is any way to  program a wildcard or passAll  in
I have my setup  3 rules ,
First branch  sends TG9TS2 to HB_Bridge   Analog_Bridge   AST
Second branch sends TG9991TS2  to HB_parrot 
Third sends TG3027TS1 to BM Server .
I would like  to know if there is  a way to  send “all” TG on TS1 to BM server.
Something like a Wild card  ‘TGID’ : *,    instead of listing all possible  TGID ????? 
That would need to  set an  ORDER  in   the files 
So that  the wild card  is the last  entry ..... ( Catch All type ) 
If not in that version , can it be evaluated as a add on to a next version ..
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