Re: Linking P25 to P25 using two mmdvm's

Peter M0NWI


Jonathan has created a P25 reflector system which might be adapted to your use, have a look here;

I know that originally Jonathan was quite particular with who he let stand up reflectors/talkgroups as he did not want to splinter the conversations, but YMMV.


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Sent: 18 March 2019 08:07
Subject: [DVSwitch] Linking P25 to P25 using two mmdvm's
Folks, I've been reading the threads but cannot find anything relevant to what I wish to achieve, basically I wish to link together two mmdvm boards which will be in P25 mode over an intranet together but not connected to any reflectors in effect a 'private' network.
I managed to do this last year using the same pair of mmdvm units using DMR with HBlink (I think was what I used), this worked brilliantly, but I cannot see any way for it to be done using P25.
I would appreciate any guidance as to how to get this up and running so I can extend the P25 repeater coverage into my radio workshop which is below ground level and there is no coverage from the repeater 1/4 of a mile away.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated


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