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Steve KC1AWV


If you followed the directions that I wrote, then before starting and enabling the services there's a step that instructs you to open three new shells to the server running the services. Run each of the MMDVM_Bridge instances and DMRGateway instance in each shell in the foreground. Connect your repeater/hotspot to one end of the link (doesn't matter which end) and key up your radio, check for activity in each of the three shells. This is easier with two repeaters/hotspots and two radios of course, so if you have a buddy that can sit on the other end of the bridge to listen and call back to you, that would be better.

You've gotten the 'hard part' done by getting the software configured. Testing is the easy part, since all you have to do is talk on one end and listen on the other. If it doesn't work, then go back and check your work.

On Tue, Mar 19, 2019 at 4:34 AM andrew delgado via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Hi all,

i was able setup BM <--> MMDVM_Bridge_BM 1 <--> MMDVM_Bridge_XLX 2 <--> DMRGateway <--> XLX

each Bridge is connected now to each network BM and  XLX , now my question is how can i test if my work is working?

Thanks and Regards,

Steve Miller

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