Heiko DL1BZ

Cort wrote in big letter at github for hbmonitor "COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTED SOFTWARE - DO NOT ASK FOR SUPPORT OR FEATURES" :) Respect that.

But I think I know what's your problem. The database for users und subscribers was changed from .csv to .json . In this case you need update the dmr_utils AND hblink and hbmonitor, because both parts are using the dmr_utils.
First load from github the actual versions of hblink and hbmonitor and save your config-files from the old version. Compare then with the newer examples of both version what is changed.
Go to hbmonitor-directory and do:
$ pip install -r requirements.txt --upgrade
This will be update the dmr_utils and maybe other things for requirement.

I have a running hbmonitor with hblink3 (if you use hblink3 you need to update the dmr_utils3 because they are for python3 - hbmonitor is python2) and all worked like a charm. With hblink3 you need in directory of hblink3:
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt --upgrade If there's an error with the first line "python>=3.5.0" in requirements.txt comment out this line (I had such error, but I had the python3 >= 3.5 installed correctly).

73 Heiko, DL1BZ

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