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Steve KC1AWV


If you are trying to go from a BM TG (DMR) to an XLX DStar module, you will have to have some sort of transcoding going on. This is out of scope for the document I wrote, the intention is DMR <-> DMR.

DStar is an IMBE protocol, whereas DMR is AMBE. The two cannot talk directly to each other. You will need to have either ambed on the XLX server with a DV3000 dongle, AMBEServer somewhere with a DV3000 dongle, or Analog_Bridge with a DV3000 dongle. The md380_emu may be used, but is not suggested as the voice quality for IMBE is poor.

On Tue, Mar 19, 2019 at 2:08 PM andrew delgado via Groups.Io <> wrote:
HI Steve,

on the server i did follow your documentation configuration is also same in terms of ports.
now i cant simulate please guide me here.

DMR radio <> hostpot <> BM <--> MMDVM_Bridge_BM 1 <--> MMDVM_Bridge_XLX 2 <--> DMRGateway <--> XLX <> hotspot <> Dstar radio

1. DMR radio settings? what TG should i put to my radio?
2. on the BM side do i need to put a static TG?

currently my dstar radio is set to xlx reflector that i want to bridge.
i was able to talk to dstar users using my hotspot and my ht on that xlx reflector.

Steve Miller

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