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Ben Fogt

I agree, dealing with BM support is tough. It took about 2-3 months to get my intertie done. But the infrastructure is simple and im not really sure the need for additional software. More software = more management. My setup is simply:

BM <-> XLX <-> YSF2DMR <-> YSFReflector

This allows for pi-star users to use "DMR gateway" to connect directly (if BM keeps dropping the peer link like it does) and give easy access through BM and System Fusion.

I am just really curious what the added software adapters get ya that the simple connection method doesnt. Not arguing, just learning.

On Tue, Mar 19, 2019 at 4:33 PM Steve KC1AWV <smiller@...> wrote:
Not to disparage BM helpdesk, but requesting an interlink takes a long time, at least in my experience. I have an interlink request outstanding since the beginning of February, hence the reason I wrote up that document. It's easier, and faster. Also, some (if not a lot) of users wanting to do this may not have direct access to the XLX server they want to link. It could also be used for testing before requesting an interlink. Just a few thoughts, I'm sure there may be more reasons.

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I have a question…. Why would you use DVSwich at all for this when you can just do it natively?


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Again, my testing suggestions are in the document, just before the section for enabling and starting the services.


Since you're not providing much information as to what the expected result of your test is, or what your test criteria are, I cannot tell you which steps are needed to test your work.


The only testing you have suggested is for two dissimilar protocols to talk to each other, which I have given you advice on. You need to set up transcoding for a DMR radio to talk to a DStar radio. That is out of scope of my document, and I cannot provide testing steps for that specific situation.


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On Wed, Mar 20, 2019 at 02:55 AM, Steve KC1AWV wrote:


You're on the right track, but only halfway there.

Thanks Steve!
one more question here. to the document that you've wrote. how can i fully test my work if that is working?


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