Re: Setting up a YSFn <--> ASL bridge

Steve N4IRS

In MMDVM_Bridge [System Fusion Network] stanza set:

What are you seeing in the logs?

That all being said, though the bridge will work, I suggest after making sure everything connects and you can pass traffic, you wait a few days. I will be testing and then updating MMDVM_Bridge. There are a couple of bugs that cause issues for people listening on some radios on the YSFReflector.


On 3/23/19 9:54 AM, steve via Groups.Io wrote:
I've set up numerous DMR <--> ASL bridges and they all work fine.  It seems like it would be a walk in the park to switch out YSFn for DMR.  But I'm having no luck.  The logs haven't been much help either:
From MM_DVM_Bridge.ini:

[System Fusion Network]

And from DVSwitch.ini:

Address =             ; Address to send AMBE TLV frames to (export)
TXPort = 31100                  ; Port to send AMBE TLV frames to (export)
RXPort = 31103                  ; Port to listen on (import)
FallbackID = 3113417            ; In case we can not find a valid DMR id in the database, export this one
ExportTG = 13953                 ; Which TG to export
Slot = 2   

And Analog_Bridge.ini:

address =                     ; IP address of xx_Bridge
txPort = 31103                          ; Transmit TLV frames to partner on this port
rxPort = 31100                          ; Listen for TLV frames from partner on this port
ambeMode = YSFN                          ; DMR, DMR_IPSC, DSTAR, NXDN, P25, YSFN, YSFW (encode PCM to this format)
minTxTimeMS = 2000   

gatewayDmrId = 3113417                        ; ID to use when transmitting from Analog_Bridge
repeaterID = 311341706                          ; ID of source repeater
txTg = 13953                                ; TG to use for all frames sent from Analog_Bridge -> xx_Bridge
txTs = 2                                ; Slot to use for frames sent from Analog_Bridge -> xx_Bridge
colorCode = 1   

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong or have success with doing this and can give me a pointer or two?
Thanks and 73,
Steve - W7RD

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