Steve N4IRS

The USRP_channel driver does not decode DTMF. So the answer is no, you can not decode the DTMF and control the ASL node.

73, Steve N4IRS

On 3/24/19 12:36 PM, Rob WX1N wrote:
Hi Steve and all,

Did any of you go any further with this? I have a DMR<>analog bridge going, but the USRP channel driver does not appear to decode DTMF. I've verified that the DMR radio in question does indeed transmit DTMF via the DMR audio, and that it decodes nicely in other applications, but monitoring the asterisk cli, no digits are detected. Not sure if this is a hard and fast limitation of the USRP driver, or if there is a way to configure it to pass the dtmf through to the ASL software.

Rob, WX1N

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