Re: Linking P25 to P25 using two mmdvm's

Tony G1HMO


Just to update the group, I managed to get this working perfectly using a MMDVM duplex hotspot (UHF) with a Orange Pi zero and a MMDVM modem pcb attached to a GM360 VHF and Raspberry Pi 2.
I also installed P25 Reflector on a seperate Raspberry Pi 2.
Following the instructions Mike gave above, aside from the issue I had with Raspbian on the Orange Pi Zero (above), everything went fine when I switched to Armbian.
It works very very well, I still have some playing to do, but very impressed so far, the total delay is just under 2 seconds and that includes the internet trip to my house.

A final question Mike if I may, how simple would it be to add in another unit with a seperate Pi and MMDVM hotspot but running DMR? I know this is now getting more complicated, but just thinking ahead a bit, would I need to install something on the third Pi currently running P25reflector to link the DMR to the P25 or is this not possible?

Thank you for all the help, it is very much appreciated.


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