Quick deploy DVSwitch test box

Steve KC1AWV

Hi everyone,

Since I do work testing and developing systems at work, I use vagrant a lot. It helps me build test virtual machines and provision them quickly to test out things. Sometimes, I need to destroy and re-provision those virtual machines in a rapid fashion, so vagrant is the way to go. If you're interested, I've put the vagrantfile and provisioning steps up on github for those interested.


You'll need vagrant and virtualbox installed on a machine. Simply git clone the repo, go into the directory and run vagrant up. The system will download a bento Debian 9.6 box and install the DVSwitch programs from the DVSwitch-System-Builder script from Steve N4IRS. I also included a DMRGateway unit file for systemd in there as well.

Do not use this system in production! This is designed as a development box, so play with the configs as you see fit, then copy your configs from the vagrant box to your production system.

Questions and comments are welcomed, and I will do my best to respond as work permits.

Steve KC1AWV

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