Feed From DV_Swithch to YSFReflector drops out when used


Hi All

My feed from the VPS using DV_Switch has been dropping connection every timeĀ  the repeater is used. after about 60 seconds +/- of use the feed drops out between the reflector, repeaters and the YSFReflector the reflector and about a minute later it returns. II'm using port 42000 to the ysfreflector dashboard, Is there a timer that needs to be changed ? It has been running for about 6 months with only an occasional drop out and now it is every time, It started a few updates ago around January., Ive checked my configurations and nothing seems to have changed, I haveĀ  checked my graphs on digital ocean and the uptime has been solid so I know it's not on their end. My cpu usage and latency are low so I know I've not over taxed the server...Any Ideas of where I might look or have there been others experiencing the same problem that can share their method to resolve the issue?

Rick /n9umj

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