Re: Feed From DV_Swithch to YSFReflector drops out when used


Obviously, there is more to know about your config... since the repeater is not the VPS,

You need to determine what part of the chain is dropping out,

Have you looked at log files of the repeater and the VPS? 

I would tail the logs and watch what happens live since you know it can be replicated.

On 3/31/2019 11:53 AM, N9UMJ wrote:
Hi All

My feed from the VPS using DV_Switch has been dropping connection every time  the repeater is used. after about 60 seconds +/- of use the feed drops out between the reflector, repeaters and the YSFReflector the reflector and about a minute later it returns. II'm using port 42000 to the ysfreflector dashboard, Is there a timer that needs to be changed ? It has been running for about 6 months with only an occasional drop out and now it is every time, It started a few updates ago around January., Ive checked my configurations and nothing seems to have changed, I have  checked my graphs on digital ocean and the uptime has been solid so I know it's not on their end. My cpu usage and latency are low so I know I've not over taxed the server...Any Ideas of where I might look or have there been others experiencing the same problem that can share their method to resolve the issue?

Rick /n9umj

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