Re: BrandMeister to XLX

Kevin Halton


Keep me in the loop on this. I was experiencing the same exact issue. Worked fine for well over a year then one morning just a quick keyup of a second or two. Audio passes from analog to dstar but nothing from dstar across. 

On Apr 2, 2019, at 9:39 AM, André Franco <andre.francoo@...> wrote:

Hi Steve. Great tutorial. However, im getting some problems regarding audio. The audio from XLX to BM works fine, however, when someone talks from the BM side it's just like it was a key up.. it doesn't hang during the whole session. I can see who is talking because the callsign does appear on dashboard. As i said, it's like a key up even if the session is > 20s and someone is talking, it only shows 0.1s. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks

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