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K4VL <73dek4vl@...>

From what you said you are registered and trying to connect t alistar. You have build an altar node or know someone willing to  allow you access through their node. DV Switch isn't like Echolink. You can't just pick a node and connect to it. 

On Wed, Apr 3, 2019, 4:34 PM Mark Carroll <markcarroll9@...> wrote:
Hi Guys.

Please be patient with me. I have seen this app mentioned on the International Radio Guild website. 

I have downloaded it and tried to get my head around it. Ivwould really like to try it out . However after watching a you tube video on this app and another called Zoiper. I am no further forward.

All i want to try is getting onto the AllStar network. I have been registered on this network for about 5 years. But never done anything about it. Can someone give me some advice?

Thanks for your help 
Mark G1BOP. 

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