YSF Narrow to P25 Bridge with strange issue

Jeff Scoville

Finally got a YSF Narrow to P25 bridge going using two Analog bridges to bridge the audio.  It is connecting a YSF Reflector to a P25 Reflector.

When I look at the YSF Reflector dashboard, P25 station callsigns come across fine.  Can connect a YSF Pi-star hotspot and hear traffic fine.

However, with an OPENSPOT connected to the YSF Reflector, it shows the callsign for all P25 traffic as N4IRR and with a encoding type of VW instead of DN.  In our system, we have a crossover bridge from YSF to Wires-X using an OPENSPOT that is on the same frequency as a local Wires-X node.  The Wires-X node will not pass the traffic from the YSF reflector to Wires-X for the P25 transcoded stations.  This behavior is odd as the MMDVM bridge is reporting the traffic as 72 bit AMBE, not 88 bit.  Don't know how the "VW" is entering into the mix on the OPENSPOT.

Stations on YSF or Wires-X travel through the YSF Reflector, analog bridge, and P25 reflector fine and are heard with the correct callsign on the P25 Reflector via a Pi-Star hotspot running P25 locally.  No change in callsign.

Any ideas what could be misconfigured?

--Jeff AE5ME

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