Re: YSF Narrow to P25 Bridge with strange issue

Jeff Scoville


Everything EXCEPT the Analog bridges are running on Amazon Linux (Centos derivative).  The analog bridges are running on a separate Ubuntu 16 Amazon hosted machine.  The machines are connected by UDP ports 31100 31103 34100 34103 and firewalls have been opened on both ends.

The P25 gateway, P25 Reflector, and YSF Reflector have all worked well on Amazon Linux before the recent addition of the Analog bridges and MMDVM bridge.  When we ran MMDVM bridge as a direction connection between the P25 gateway and the YSF reflector, it passed the YSFW and P25 back and forth correctly and had correct callsigns on all stations, so it appears to be working correctly, even though it is being hosted on a Centos machine.

We added the Analog bridges and modified the MMDVM Bridge so that we could start passing YSFN to P25 and vice versa.  As I stated earlier, those were added on the additional Ubuntu machine.

Eventually all the Amazon Linux/Centos reflectors will be migrated to the Ubuntu machine, but we need to coordinate that properly so that the static IP is transferred at the same time to prevent a loss in service to the member hotspots.  In hindsight, should have started out on Ubuntu with the reflectors, considering some of the comments that Debian is the preferred platform for running the DVSwitch programs.

Thanks again for your help!

--Jeff AE5ME

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