BM to XLX via MMDVM_Bridge - Doc version 2.0

Steve KC1AWV

Special thanks to Eric Dayrit and Doug Gooden for assistance in helping me refine this doc.

Revision 2.0 is a rewrite of the original document I created.
This revision is for showing how to use DMRGateway's TGRewrite function to allow the use of the "standard" XLX Talkgroup 6 and send that data to a BM Talkgroup of your choice, and vice versa.

The end result of the doc is this:

XLX***D <-> DMRGateway_XLX <-> MMDVM_Bridge_XLX <-> MMDVM_Bridge_BM <-> DMRGateway_BM <-> BM TG****

Two DMRGateways are needed, since the TGRewrite function is only provided by DMRGateway.

I'll try to format the doc a little better for viewing pleasure, but all the information that is needed should be there.

Steve KC1AWV

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