Re: BM to XLX via MMDVM_Bridge - Doc version 2.0

Steve KC1AWV

Does this create a bridge to DSTAR?
No. This document is to connect an XLX module to a Brandmeister Talkgroup. Brandmeister is a DMR network.

Should I build another Allstar node to add this to or could I do this on my current DMR bridge?
I don't know how your current bridge is configured. You're also discussing two different modes. D-Star and DMR are dissimilar modes, where D-Star is IMBE and DMR is AMBE. If the intention is to bridge a DMR network to D-Star, you will need to do some transcoding, which is out of scope for this document.

That being said, no you don't necessarily have to build another ASL node. You can run a second bridge for D-Star from the ASL node you currently have. A basic overview would be this:

D-Star <-> ASL <-> DMR

That setup will give you the following:

  • D-Star to Analog via ASL
  • D-Star to DMR using ASL to transcode
  • Analog to D-Star via ASL
  • Analog to DMR via ASL
  • DMR to Analog via ASL
  • DMR to D-Star using ASL to transcode
Steve Miller

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