OpenBridge Server?


Hi Everyone,

Been using dmrlink, hblink to establish our own standalone system like we used to have when we were on the c-Bridge. I have to say since we got everything setup we are quite happy and it's been fun learning the new scripts / software to make this all possible. I do have a question though. In light of what has happened with the BM DDoS attack's we are trying to break our system apart into public / private services. Our setup consists of a c-Bridge for all our DMR MARC feeds, a IPSC Gateway running HB_Bridge / IPSC_Bridge and a routing gateway that ties the IPSC Network and HBP (MMDVM) networks together. I have been reading in the form how the OBP can pull feeds in from the BM network and see that its function is to push/pull feeds from a server. I was wondering if HBlink can be setup as an OBP master to allow me push our internet network feeds from our routing gateway over to a secondary routing gateway that would only be used for public hotspots?

I know this can be done with multiple HBlink instances but i was looking for a solution to route everything accross and not need to manage a 2nd rules file or another set of config files.


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