Re: Let us say I am a NOOB (newbie)...

Neil Howard

Hi Rob,
 I am not sure what you want, but if you look here you will find links to resources etc. for setting up allstar on a Pi.
Also have a peek at the RPG node link on that same page and you can see Peter's Video of his pre-made node ( lots more on his you-toob channel 
You can contact Peter (G7RPG) and he is always willing to help ad advise (in real time) if he is available :) 

the Hubnet UK is a great place to ask questions on this side of the pond too, you can get to it via echolink Node number 973498 (M0HOY-L)
Once you have a node setup , making DVSwitch talk to it is not hard if you are not scared of editing config files :)

Good luck,

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