DMR Timeout/Beaconing #brandmeister #mmdvm_bridge


Hi all,

I have a question about the DMR Network side of MMDVM_Bridge.

On a test system I have running, connecting to the BM UK Master on the DMR side, I have an issue where the Master connection is dropped every 120 seconds exactly:
M: 2019-04-25 17:51:14.327 DMR, Logged into the master successfully
E: 2019-04-25 17:53:14.438 DMR, Connection to the master has timed out, retrying connection
M: 2019-04-25 17:53:14.438 DMR, Closing DMR Network
M: 2019-04-25 17:53:14.438 DMR, Opening DMR Network
D: 2019-04-25 17:53:24.478 DMR, Sending authorisation
D: 2019-04-25 17:53:24.509 DMR, Sending configuration
M: 2019-04-25 17:53:24.545 DMR, Logged into the master successfully
Before I start bugging the Master sysop, is there some heartbeat or beaconing that can/needs to be put in place to keep the connection alive? The time is exactly what I'd expect to see if there was a TCP timeout somewhere, but tracing that is likely to be very time consuming so I was wondering whether there was some way of enabling a heartbeat every 60 seconds or so.

Stefan MI0PYN

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