Re: Looking for a better way to bridge YSF to DMR

David Ranch

I've seen the same behavior with the WW6BAY YSF room connected to a DMR TG via a BrandMiester-provided link.  The audio coming from the DMR side into the YSF room is "overdriven" and clipping.  I've tried to contact the Brandmiester people to see if there is any tuning possible but I've never received any response.


On 04/27/2019 06:45 PM, Gary - KE8O wrote:
That sounds promising. I’m not sure how Brandmeister has us bridged on their side but DMR coming into our YSF reflector is about 30% louder then our YSF audio and DMR users report we’re to soft on the DMR side. 

...Gary, KE8O 

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