Re: Looking for a better way to bridge YSF to DMR

Steve N4IRS

I setup a test bridge for Gary so that they could test a DVSwitch DMR <-> YSFn bridge to see if they had the same issues, looping and audio level mismatch. I have to say I don't see how a bridge could cause the looping.
A DMR <-> YSF bridge is the absolute simplest you can build with DVSwitch. It is simply one instance of MMDVM_Bridge. The DMR points to their target BM TG and the YSFn points to their reflector. No Gateways, no transcoding. This is simply AMBE to AMBE. We are seeing a difference in audio levels. Some DMR stations are louder to YSFn listeners and YSFn stations are quieter to DMR listeners. We think this is a difference in the setup of a DMR radio versus a Yaesu radio.

Mike N4IRR has some comments on audio levels between the two modes and he is planning a writeup for the wiki. We also discussed the possibility of allowing adjusting the audio level in this type of bridge. Plans are in the works for a proof of concept over the next week or so.

73, Steve N4IRS

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