Re: Frequent loss of connection to YSF server


all those suggestions are nice but that's not his problem.   The problem is Digital Ocean.  I used to use them for TGIF's YSF Reflector and it did the same thing.   Some providers work better for YSF Reflector.  Digital Ocean isnt one of them.  I learned by Trial and Error.  Google and Amazon and NFO work much better.   Use the Installation guide for YSF Reflector on the page where you register your reflector.  The method they use here works best to keep the reflector on.  You dont Need YSF Gateway at all for YSF Reflector.   I would suggest you switch services.  I think I set all those up for you like over a year ago.  I found out the other services worked much better.  Its very easy to make and new service and change the ip on the registration page.

Good Luck


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